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Paradise Family

Our staff are like extended family and are one of the many secrets of this business's success. We feel its important for you to meet the the team who delivers your quality products, from the farm to the door.

Brendon North

Brendon North - Manager

In charge or sourcing all the very best fruit and vegetables from the various markets and liaising with our many growers. Hes the jack of all trades and covers any of the work where labour may be short. Brendon oversees the growing of all our own produce on the hydroponic lettuce and herb farm.  Brendon established Paradise Fresh Produce in July 1998 growing lettuce and diversified 3 years later into wholesale fruit and vegetables. He holds a Bachelor of Rural Science degree after 4 years study at University of New England.  Brendon also manages the Paradise Fresh home delivery fruit and vegetable franchise system and assists anyone interested in a new business opportunity.



Chris Leahy

Chris Leahy has joined Paradise Fresh as he is passionate about people and developing relationships.  Chris has been in Tamworth since 1997, is married and has three beautiful children.  We asked Chris to join the Paradise Fresh family as he has terrific customer service skills, which were developed through working with the Bid Vest organisation.  He is happy to have a chat, and will put a smile on your face.  Chris is looking forward to meeting you all soon.    
Vicki North

Vicki North

The 2 Princesses and the new Prince in our Business. Vicki is the other owner of the business, packs your fruit and veggies and looks after the administrative side of things. Other duties include payroll officer and first aid officer. Prior to working in the business Vicki worked as a registered nurse in accident/emergency and in intensive care departments. She also spent several years working as an ambulance officer and has a Masters of Applied Management.  Natasha (5 yrs) is chief fruit sampler and Cameron (3 yrs) is following in her foot steps, and will soon start with the lettuce farming and then graduate to the fruit & veg packing.  Vicki also manages all of the administration for the Paradise Fresh fruit and vegetable home delivery franchise system.
The Rocket Man

The Rocket Man - Farm Manger

Our Farm Manager prefers to stay anonymous. Some say he believes Rocket is an aphrodisiac. Others think he counts lettuce in his sleep..., but to us, he's The Rocket Man. He's been with us for 10 years now and manages all staff on farm, organises all planting and harvesting of products and ensures it all runs smoothly. He has specialist knowledge of growing our Herbs, Baby English Spinach and Rocket (Tamworths only Rocket Scientist).

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