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Paradise Fresh Farm FreshOur farm is located on the southern outskirts of Tamworth and is crucial to supporting our home delivered fruit and vegetable business. We grow a large variety of lettuce - Green and Red Oakleaf, Green and Red Corals, Baby Cos and Cos Lettuce. We also grow a variety of herbs and Asian vegetables depending on the season. Currently we have some wonderful Parsleys, Watercress, Shallots, Pak Choy and Bok Choy.

We are currently the largest grower of hydroponic lettuce in inland New South Wales.

Our system grows 120,000 lettuce at any one time. If laid end to end the growing pipes would stretch for 30 kilometers. It only covers an area of approximately 3 hectares and is ultra water efficient, using one eighth of the water to grow the same product as that grown in the ground. The product grows quicker (3.5 weeks from seedling to harvest in summer) and uses greatly reduced chemicals to do so.

We distribute lettuce throughout the Northwest and into Newcastle Markets.

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