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About Paradise Fresh

Delivering Freshness to your Door.

Fast, fresh and flexible, Paradise Fresh lets you choose the fresh fruit and vegetables you need, place your purchase online, and delivers them fresh to your door the same day.

The Paradise Fresh business began on a farm growing a wide range of leafy vegetables and herbs. We wanted to offer a system of supporting other local growers and delivering their produce direct to the consumers door. This way we all win. The farmers get a better return and the money is spent locally and the consumers get a fresher longer lasting product at a reasonable price.

What's more, at Paradise Fresh, we believe it's important to give farmers a 'fair go', and we work hard to use sustainable practices and source locally wherever possible. Whichever way you look at it...shopping with Paradise Fresh leaves a good taste in your mouth!

Own your own Franchise

How would you like to own a business that is open 24/7 whilst you only work 5 days a week?

Join the Paradise Family and run your own Fresh Franchise!